Munchkin Cats

Origin and History

· Many short-legged cats have been seen in different places around the world for many years.
· They have been recorded in the United Kingdom, Russia and the United States.
· Breed establishment started in the United States in the 1980’s with a pregnant short-legged cat being the foundation of today’s Munchkins.
· After years of supervised breeding, the Munchkin obtained championship status in 2003.


· The Munchkin’s coat is considered to be an all-weather coat.

The eyes are walnut-shaped giving the Munchkin an alert expression.

· The coat can be short to semi-long to long.
· The coat is plush and silky.
· All coat colors and patterns are recognized.
· The body is small to medium-sized.
· The average weight of the male is 3-5 kilograms and the female is 2-4 kilograms.
· The Munchkin has short legs, which is the breed’s outstanding and unique characteristic.
· The tail is the same length as the body and tapers to a rounded tip. The tail is plumed in the semi-longhair cats.
· The ears are set high on the head.

Character and Personality

The Munchkins are affectionate lap cats.

· They generally have a calm personality but occasionally can be extremely playful and love to run and chase things.
· They are sociable cats who love the company of adult humans, children, other cats and even dogs.
· The Munchkin sometimes love to talk.
· Munchkins are curious cats who will sit up on their hind legs just so to get a better view of whatever it is that caught their attention.
· Munchkins are highly intelligent. Having short legs, they can jump up to only a limited height but they are very good at figuring out a path that takes them where they want to go.
· The Munchkin sheds moderately so regular grooming and proper nutrition is necessary.
· Grooming is not difficult. The short-haired ones must be combed at least once a week while the long-haired ones at least twice a week.
· This breed is best suited to an indoor lifestyle.


· With proper care and nutrition, the Munchkin can live up to 15 years or longer.