Mainecoon Cats

Origin and History

· The origin of the Maine Coon is not precisely documented and there are numerous stories and legends about how this breed came about.
· The more logical theory about the origin of this breed is that they are a result of the natural mating between shorthaired domestic cats in America and longhaired cats brought in from overseas by seafarers.
· A large muscular body and a long, dense coat increased an individual cat’s chances of survival in the harsh winters of New England hence these traits were selected naturally and the genes passed down to the next generations.
· The Maine Coon was first mentioned in the 1850’s in the state of Maine, hence they became called as such.

The exact origins of these beautiful cats are unknown


· The Maine Coon is a medium to large to extra-large cat with a long, athletic body.
· They are muscular with a strong bone structure.
· The feet are large, round and well-tufted.
· They have a long tail with thick fur especially at the end.
· The average weight of the male is 6-10 kilograms but can go up to 12 kilograms. The female average weight is 4-7 kilograms.
· Their head is big and rounded with a square muzzle.
· The ears are set high and erect on the head and are tufted.
· The nose is slightly concave in profile.
· The eyes are large and oval. Eye color may be yellow, green, gold, and copper. Only white Maine Coons have blue eyes.
· They have both an undercoat and outercoat, the former is fine and soft while the latter is medium-length and flowing.
· The hair is shorter on the head and shoulders and become semi-long on the body and tail.
· The fur is thick but soft and silky.
· All coat patterns and colours are accepted except the pointed pattern and the colours Seal, Chocolate, Lilac, Cinnamon, Fawn or Amber.

There are many different colours of Maincoon

Character and Personality

· Maine Coons are affectionate, sweet and gentle.
· They are calm and quiet cats. They don’t talk much and their voice is like a soft chirp.
· Maine Coons are sociable and like being with people but they are not overly-dependent attention seekers.
· Maine Coons have a tendency to become loyal to one person.
· They are intelligent and curious cats who may follow their owners around just to see what the human is doing.
· They generally get along well with children, other cats and dogs.
· These cats prefer playing chase on ground level even though they are good climbers.
· Maine Coons are natural hunters and great mousers.
· Moderate grooming needs as their coat rarely gets matted but regular brushing and combing is needed.
· Can adapt to living both indoors and outdoors but happy when able to wander in the garden or play with water.


· The “Coon” in Maine Coon comes from the long tail and fur density like that of a raccoon. And like the raccoon, the Maine Coon is an excellent climber.
· Maine Coons develop slowly and reach full maturity at about four years old.
· Maine Coons love playing with water. Providing then with a water fountain will make them extra happy.