Abyssinian Cats


  • Originated in Abyssinia (Ethiopia), hence its name
  • Bred in Great Britain
  • British soldiers in North Africa in the 19th century came back with kittens which they bought from local traders


  • Domestic short-haired cat
  • Tabby coat, individual hairs banded with different colours
  • Slender and fine boned
  • Almond shaped eyes – gold, green, hazel or copper
  • Long legs and tail in proportion to rest of body
They have noticeablly pointy ears


  • Intelligent
  • Extroverted and playful
  • If left without constant activity and attention they can become depressed
  • Nicknamed the “Clowns of the Cat Kingdom”
  • Although very active they are quiet cats
  • Friendly towards people
One of the friendliest cat breeds!