Top 5 Cat Breeds To Travel With

Usually, it is said that cats don’t like changing their environment and that transporting them everywhere, can cause large amounts of stress that you should avoid. Going on holiday with your cat isn’t always easy. But there are some breeds that are better suited to the constant travelling.

First of all, you have to know that the main caracteristic of a cat able to travel is its capacity to adapt to new situations and surroundings. A cat that is usually relaxed and confident should tolerate the change easier than a more nervous one. Therefore, here are 5 breeds of cat known for being good travel companions.

The ChartreuxChartreux cat breed

The Chartreux is a cat able to easily adapt to new situations. The nickname for the Chartreux is « soft giant » as males can weigh upto 6 kg (females are slightly lighter). Usually, they get along well with all other animals as well as children.

The TiffanyTiffany cat breed

The Tiffany makes for a great travel companion because of its calm and easy-going nature. They need a small, daily brushing but they are very strong, healthy cats with lots of love in them.

The japanese Bobtailjapanese bobtail cat breed

The japanese Bobtail is a confident, inteligent and energetic cat that easily adapts to new environments. Its ability to get used to new surroundings, people and animals makes it the ideal travelling partner. They are very healthy cats that symbolise luck for the Japanese.

The PixiebobPixiebob cat breed

The Pixiebob can seem a bit wild and savage, but it can develop very strong bonds with its family and loves travelling in the car. The Pixie-Bob is also known for easily walking with a lead and loving to play. These caracteristics make it a particularly appealing cat, and some people go as far to say that they have the character of a dog.

The Scottish FoldScottish Fold cat breed

The Scottish Fold has a soft and affectious character. Its relaxed cold-blooded nature allows it to adapt to new situation easily, which is needed in a travel partner. Furthermore, they get along well with other animals, as well as dogs and children. However, this breed of cat does need a certain level of maintenance. Regular brushing and cleaning of the ears is all part of owning one of these cats.

Advice for travelling with your cat

Whatever the breed of the cat, you have to make sure it is safe when travelling with you. In the car, your cat has to be safely attached and locked in a cage: even cats used to travel can escape from your vehicle if you open the door or can decide it’s a good idea to take a nap under the brake pedal.

Also, in case of an accident, if your cat isn’t restrained, it could end up flying and breaking through the windscreen.

Remember that your cats hearing is very sensitive and as a result won’t appreciate you blasting your music as loud as possible.

If you’re travelling in a plane, choose a company that allows you to bring your cat inside the cabin and make sure you receive the reservation confirmation for you but also your cat. Your cat can also travel in the baggage area in a specially designed carrier.

Finally, remember that your cat needs its own bags as well as its essential carrier cage : a water bowl and another for water (the ones its used to), a litter tray and a toy. You could also bring a Feliway diffuser which spreads calming hormones. Keep in mind that changes of food or water can lead to digestive troubles. And that water isn’t necessarily drinkable

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