Cleocatra’s Story

Once upon a time, a very pretty white persian was born in Cape Town, right down at the bottom of Africa.
Her breeder thought she was so pretty she showed her picture around the world.

A memory of Cleocatra

A very kind lady called Sally in the USA fell in love with her and asked to buy her. We called her Cleocatra as she was from Africa.

A photo of CleocatraA royal cat

As she had to have a rabies shot she could not be flown until she was 5 months old. So Sally and the breeder kept in touch and exchanged pictures.

Cleocatra at 12 weeks old
Cleocatra at 12 weeks old

Eventually the day arrived when Cleo had to be shipped to the USA to her new home.

Cleocatra on a rug
Picture taken an hour before she was shipped

Her breeder very sadly took her to the airport on a Friday afternoon as she was due to fly overnight to Amsterdam where she would be fed and watered and then put on a connecting flight to Boston USA the next day to arrive on Saturday night 11pm  -South African time.
We had arranged that Sally’s sister in law would email the breeder to tell her of the safe arrival of Cleo. The breeder anxiously downloaded her email only to get the message that Cleo was not on the flight.!!

Pandemonium reigned as it was now 2am in South Africa and no one from the airline could be found to find out where Cleo was. Amsterdam was phoned and we were told she was not there and not on the incoming flight either.
After a harrowing night we finally got hold of the airline to find they had forgotten to send Cleo on her flight! She had sat on Cape Town airport for 24 hours and then was put on the next days flight to Amsterdam. Amsterdam was again phoned and confirmed she was in the animal hotel and well. Apparently a security guard had found her in a holding room  at Cape Town airport and fed and watered her with the food the breeder had fortunately attached to the carrier
Poor Cleo finally arrived in Boston Sunday night at midnight (SA time).60 hours  after leaving home. She then faced a 6 hour drive home with her new owner. The poor thing had severe diarrhea in the car.
She settled down quickly in her new home tho’ diarrhea continued to be a problem and she had picked up a new habit of putting her whole face in her water bowl.  Her new owner said she sometimes seemed a little sad. So her breeder recorded a little voice message for Cleo and emailed it to her owner. This is what happened.

Where is my mum's voice coming from?

Cat on the computer
Apparently her eyes lit up and she got all excited.

Pretty soon Cleo went to her first show where she got 5th best Kitten!

5th best kitten prize

Meeting the judge

That's too close, but I got a prize for it!

Mummy cleaning my face
Cleo being comforted by a friend

So time goes on and Cleo is very happy with her new caring owner and pretty soon she will go on show as an adult. We will update her story as time goes by.

Back on the rug


Cleo makes CFA Champion!!

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